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JTCC V Fox & Hounds Sunday 12th September 2021 ... read more


1 week ago

JAVs weep like the proverbial weeping willow ... read more

Umpire controversy ... read more

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Faster, Higher, Stronger, Together 1 month ago

Cricket was the gold medalist today ... read more

127 2 months ago

127 is the smallest odd number that can't be written in the form p + 2x for p=prime number and x=integer ... read more

Peru may have found a new King 3 months ago

Jeffrey Barnard is very unwell ... read more

Hampton Woodlawns victorious 3 months ago

From the palace of Hampton Court ... read more

Back to winning ways 4 months ago

JAVs victorious in dramatic match ... read more

Lost again 4 months ago

Lee victorious ... read more

First match defeat 4 months ago

Odney victorious ... read more

Electrifying win 1 year ago

In so many ways... ... read more

Cricket is back 1 year ago

JAVS still unbeaten with dramatic victory over Penn Street ... read more

Stay alert...your country needs lerts 1 year ago

Third match in lockdown ... read more

Virtual cricket in a surreal world 1 year ago

As Covid 19 hits cricket continues ... read more

The end is nigh 1 year ago

Final game of the season ... read more

Out foxed yet again 2 years ago

Fox and Hounds soundly beaten ... read more

Young ones grasp victory 2 years ago

Unders beat overs ... read more

The Weeping Willow 2 years ago

Willows, also called sallows and osiers, form the genus Salix. ... read more

Denham well done and dusted 2 years ago

One way traffic ... read more

Time’s Up 2 years ago

A humbling defeat ... read more

Are you a member sir? 2 years ago

A glorious record breaking victory ... read more

West End Girls 2 years ago

West Wycombe rolled over ... read more

Champagne Super Over 2 years ago

Two tense games over the weekend ... read more

Nightmare on Penn Street Part II 2 years ago

Hold on to your over-pants.... ... read more

Utopers beat no hopers 2 years ago

Utopia for Utopers ... read more

Victory on the longest day 2 years ago

Good win on midsummers day ... read more

A game of three halves and many heroes 2 years ago

Joe, Luke & Cam to name a few... ... read more

Leighton Park V Jordans Taverners 2 years ago

2nd June 2019 ... read more

Simmons blown away 2 years ago

JAVs back to winning ways ... read more

L is for losers 2 years ago

The day Donald Trump came to watch the JAVs. Read it with a Donald Trump voice. ... read more

The Lee win again 2 years ago

Humbling home defeat for the JAVs ... read more

From Odney to Rodney 2 years ago

What a photo finish! ... read more

Awards night a success for the victors 2 years ago

Miltons restaurant invaded by JAVs ... read more

Notes from a Scandal 3 years ago

Umpire intervention changes the game ... read more

Invisible Man plays his part 3 years ago

Mind the gap ... read more

LET THEM EAT CAKE 3 years ago

She said..... ... read more

JAVS v Denham aka Ruislip Victorians 3 years ago

‘We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist.’ Queen Victoria, c.1894. ... read more

How...stat! 3 years ago

A cricket match by numbers ... read more

To me to you for one last time! 3 years ago

From our guest editor Martyn Way ... read more

A victory for the Generation Game 3 years ago

Back to winning ways ... read more

Normal service has been resumed 3 years ago

We're back! ... read more

TV World Cup pundits visit Coleshill 3 years ago

Saracens put the JAVS to the scimitar ... read more

Wendover crush JAVs 3 years ago

a bruising defeat ... read more

T20 Blast! 3 years ago

That's a term of frustration... ... read more

Jeffrey Bernard is unwell... 3 years ago

Javs score 200+ in 2018 ... read more

Bravehearts roar to easy victory 3 years ago

Not Scotland beating England... ... read more

Old Leightonians show their Quaker roots 3 years ago

Old friendships continue ... read more

The boys done good 3 years ago

Two rookies make an immediate impact ... read more

Royal Wedding Special 3 years ago

Hang out the bunting the JAVs win again ... read more

First win in 2018 3 years ago

A game of cameos and new found words ... read more

Scorchio! Scorchio! 3 years ago

Hottest May bank holiday on record ... read more

Cold start to new season 3 years ago

Wood smoke and magpies, white frost and robins ... read more

A photo from the archives 3 years ago

One of these players from 1987 is still playing. ... read more

Jolly Cricketers Celebrates 10 Years 3 years ago

Our very own Jolly Cricketers has a birthday ... read more

We did it our way... 3 years ago

Season ends with victory celebration ... read more

Fox news - Foxes chased and caught 4 years ago

Fox & Hounds restrained at Coleshill ... read more

Hurricane Irma strikes at Coleshill 4 years ago

Rainy days on Sundays always get me down... ... read more

Greenbush ambushed... 4 years ago

JAVs in six wicket victory ... read more

Nice to see see ya nice 4 years ago

"Good game, good game" ... read more

JAVS Victorious 4 years ago

and glorious ... read more

LCR cruise to victory 4 years ago

JAVs left powerless ... read more

Cookham all cooked up 4 years ago

JAVs cruise to an easy victory ... read more

Go West Young Men... 4 years ago

West Wycombe gone west ... read more

More nightmares on Penn Street 4 years ago

Are they having a laugh? ... read more

Revenge is sweet over Penn Street 4 years ago

The ebbs and flows of cricket... ... read more

Wendover and all out 4 years ago

A lesson in fielding ... read more

Nightmare on Penn Street II 4 years ago

A lesson in cricket dispensed ... read more

Ballinger Waggoners ride roughshod over JAVs 4 years ago

A close fought contest ... read more

Land of the free, home of the brave 4 years ago

American rookie shows cricketing skills ... read more

Misfits v Misfits 4 years ago

A miss match of misfits ... read more

Was beating Simmons a piece of cake? 4 years ago

Baked and burned at sunny Coleshill ... read more

Saracens invade and thrash Jordans 4 years ago

Humbled at Coleshill ... read more

Victory at first home game at Coleshill 4 years ago

A 99 not out and a hat trick. Strange things happen when you move grounds ... read more

JAVs return safely from Sri Lanka tour 4 years ago

JAVs join Penn Street tour of Sri Lanka ... read more

Glorious welcome for JAVs in Sri Lanka 4 years ago

A friendly welcome in a friendly country ... read more

Bovingdon crushed 5 years ago

A one sided affair ... read more

Ninth century of the season 5 years ago

sees JAVs home to an easy victory ... read more

Nelson does his bit... 5 years ago

Catches win matches. Too many drops ... read more

Maiden century leads to victory 5 years ago

Simon Hungin maiden century 102 not out ... read more

Folkestone too good for JAVs 5 years ago

A brave but valiant attempt ... read more

Roman Canterbury hails new Centurion 5 years ago

Morton hits lifetime record ... read more

We got Biffed! 5 years ago

a knock out innings did for us ... read more

New boots and panties... 5 years ago

and fancy new caps too ... read more

Ninja Turtles get a new hero 5 years ago

Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and now Steveo ... read more

JAVS cruise to victory 5 years ago

A ton and a five for.... ... read more

JAVs REMAIN victorious 5 years ago

Leyhill LEAVE as losers ... read more

A 40th birthday victory 5 years ago

Penn Street second in T20 ... read more

Call an ambulance 5 years ago

Injuries pile up ... read more

There is a first time for everything 5 years ago

including a victory over Ballinger..... ... read more

Leg ends march to victory 5 years ago

This article is heavily redacted ... read more

A moral victory 5 years ago

Some you win, some you lose ... read more

Keeping the engraver busy 5 years ago

A ton and five for in one match ... read more

Strolling to victory 5 years ago

Fleet street strollers march on ... read more

Records shattered 5 years ago

Massive victory margin ... read more

To be or Knot to be... 5 years ago

That is the question ... read more

What is the score? 5 years ago

New scoreboard ... read more

A damp squib! 6 years ago

But what is it? ... read more

A Ballinger bashing 6 years ago

Bish, Bash, Bosh...Ballinger give JAVs a bloody nose ... read more

Bovingdon beaten in a six wicket victory 6 years ago

A slow victory on a slow sticky wicket ... read more

Salix amisit ludum 6 years ago

You may need your Latin dictionary ... read more

Little Missenden Misfits Misfire 6 years ago

Decisive victory for the JAVs ... read more

Denham achieves a fruity victory 6 years ago

JAVS crumble under batting pressure ... read more

We are not amused! 6 years ago

Ruislip Victoria sent to the gallows ... read more

ICL/Fujitsu in high scoring victory 6 years ago

Two heavyweights battled it out ... read more

RIP Mark Whiting 6 years ago

Obituary by Bob Biffa ... read more

West Wycombe sent east 6 years ago

Fine win for the JAVs ... read more

JAVs streak to tight victory 6 years ago

A game that swung in many ways ... read more

Skipper breaks foot 6 years ago

A cracking game in so many ways ... read more

Lille victory; was it the JAVs Waterloo? 6 years ago

Maggie Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare…your boys took one hell of a beating. ... read more

Coleshill T20 part 2 6 years ago

A heatwave on and off the pitch ... read more

From legends to fall guys 6 years ago

Tense game ends in triumph ... read more

Coleshill T20 part 1 6 years ago

Nine wicket victory at half time ... read more

JAVs come unstuck at Wendover 6 years ago

A sticky situation ... read more

Nightmare on Penn Street 6 years ago

Bish, Bash, Bosh! ... read more

Queensbury rules OK! 6 years ago

They came, they saw, they conquered.. ... read more

Chesham Bois beaten in tightest of finishes 6 years ago

Penultimate ball victory for the JAVs ... read more

Chartridge are no chart toppers 6 years ago

A low scoring close game gives JAVs another home victory. ... read more

Welford Park well beaten 6 years ago

Soggy bottoms all round for the visitors ... read more

Simmons succumb under JAVs domination 6 years ago

An empiric victory ... read more

Fleet Steet barber does his business 6 years ago

A cut throat performance ... read more

The Lee knocked out 6 years ago

Another five for for Steveo ... read more

Knotty Green all in Knots 6 years ago

Unbeaten century leads the way ... read more

Ambushed by Greenbush 6 years ago

Unbeaten record falls at first hurdle ... read more

Swingometer game ends in draw 7 years ago

A winning draw perhaps ... read more

It is yet another record 7 years ago

Howzat ... read more

Willowy performance beats Salix 7 years ago

All a bit wooden ... read more

It is a record! 7 years ago

Bish, Bash, Bosh! ... read more

A game of three halves 7 years ago

Not another cliched oxymoron? ... read more

Bath tour a success 7 years ago

Well almost a success.... ... read more

Revenge is sweet for Old Leightonians 7 years ago

A humbling defeat ... read more

Wendover and out 7 years ago

Winning run stalls ... read more

Legends in a league of their own 7 years ago

Losing streak continues ... read more

20 20 on the 20th June 7 years ago

Penn Street CC lost but their charity won ... read more

Jugs all around 7 years ago

Probably the finest opening partnership in JAVs history ... read more

Tweet 7 years ago

A tweet is 140 characters long so is this match summary….well almost! ... read more

We're gonna need a bigger bat..... 7 years ago

Steveo rolls back the years with match winning five for 13 ... read more

Nonsense prevails 7 years ago

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe ... read more

Superheroes save the day 7 years ago

Simmons succumb to JAVs onslaught ... read more

Bog snorkelling on! 7 years ago

Fleet St Strollers win cricket underwater match ... read more

The Lee Victory 7 years ago

JAVs win away for the first time this season ... read more

You're nicked my beauty! 7 years ago

St Nicholas Old Boys defeated ... read more

Raining in the Bush 7 years ago

Match abandoned ... read more

Done in Denham 7 years ago

Well beaten in Denham ... read more

The Lee 8 years ago

Back to winning ways ... read more

And did those feet in ancient times... 8 years ago

Culture and cricket what a potent mixture! ... read more

Get knotted 8 years ago

All tied in knots ... read more

A game of two halves 8 years ago

Legends win in style. ... read more

Roll over Wendover 8 years ago

The JAVs keep marching on. ... read more

Stanmore no more 8 years ago

... read more

Ley Hill Laid Low 8 years ago

After an excellent winning of the toss by our captain who then decided to bat first and open with last weeks number 11 Lewis Payne. ... read more

Pride of London from Chiswick 8 years ago

The beer drinkers amongst us will know that London Pride hails from Chiswick in West London and so does Elthorne cricket team ... ... read more

Carry on Cricket 8 years ago

A comedy of errors ... read more

Poll Ended 9 years ago

... read more

Olympic effort brings JAVs victory 9 years ago

A golden display ... read more

Winning by a nose 9 years ago

... read more

Winter nets 9 years ago

... read more

Rain stopped play 10 years ago

... read more

Roll over Wendover 10 years ago

... read more

Poll Ended 10 years ago

... read more

Winter nets 10 years ago

... read more

JAVs on a roll 11 years ago

... read more

Bovvered? 11 years ago

... read more

Averages updated 11 years ago

... read more

Sun enhances play 11 years ago

... read more

Nets starting 11 years ago

... read more

Minutes published 11 years ago

... read more


... read more

Glorious in defeat 12 years ago

... read more

Tourists return 12 years ago

... read more

Poll Ended 12 years ago

... read more

Oak Hill march on 12 years ago

... read more

Wizard of Oz 12 years ago

... read more

It's a tie! 12 years ago

... read more

JAVs gets new logo 12 years ago

... read more

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