LCR cruise to victory

JAVs left powerless

LCR cruise to victory
LCR cruise to victory

Where was an UBER when you needed one. Winning the toss the JAVs interim vice captain decided to bat first. This was the start of the calamity that saw one of the worst defeats in recent memory. London Car Rentals bowled with efficiency and accuracy and the JAVs batted with neither of those talents. Could this be a JAVs record of six ducks? A low total of 135 was compiled in 36 overs before all wickets fell. The only saving grace, in so many ways, was the Chairman Tim Sonnex's last man standing effort of 66 runs. A Gulliver amongst the Lilliputians.

The JAVs managed to collect one wicket and a run out in an eight wicket loss. Back to the drawing board.


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