Are you a member sir?

A glorious record breaking victory

Are you a member sir?
Are you a member sir?

Not tonight, you're not on the list
Your name's not down you're not coming in

The Bouncer, by The Klaxons

The Gentlemen of Mayfair’s Savile Club received a warm welcome to Buckinghamshire on this fine August day, but the hospitality ended there.

The Players batted first, amassing 404 for 3 of 40 overs. Skipper Yolland gorged himself on the heaving buffet that was the Savile bowling, making a fine 202 retired. This was only the second double century in the Javeners’ glorious history. Studious knocks from McIntrye (56) and Symonds (38), mindful of his average, contributed to the mighty total.

Was this a bridge too far?

The Gentlemen took to the crease with style and intent, but steady inroads from the Javs’ attack kept them in check. The veteran due of Bingle and Sonnex were wheeled to their marks by their respective nurses and combined to take 6 wickets, ending all resistance. Cutter mopped up the wretched tail, taking two wickets from none balls. The bridge was never sighted.

A sustained and enthusiastic session at the bar followed. The motto of Savile is Sodalitas Convivium, meaning convivial companionship. They certainly were.

As to the polite enquiries by some of the Players as to membership of the Gentlemen’s club, we will leave the final word to The Klaxons:

Listen mate I told you once I told you twice you're not on the list alright!?



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