The Weeping Willow

Willows, also called sallows and osiers, form the genus Salix.

The Weeping Willow
The Weeping Willow

A short poem about the willow:

the willow tree weeps during the winter months 

just like my broken heart.

let me paint my pain in charcoal markings

so she sees my suffering.

A Bentley

And indeed it may be, after this, that a winter of discontent awaits the gentlemen of Salix. 

They lost the toss and were put to the sword by opener Tom Macintyre using, pause here to take in the irony, a bat made of willow.

The classy century from TMac was ably supported by rapid runs from Cutter (33) and Ryan (35), the latter defying his years and injecting some pace and vigour to the middle order thrust. Further contributions from Symonds and Deste meant that the home side sat down to tea with 278 runs in the bag. Skipper Yolland was a contented man and ate well from the mountainous feast served up by the better half of the Bingle family (Di and Amelia). Salix made a rapid start on the foothills of their climb, but strong fielding from the youthful (and agile) Javs, married to accurate bowing from Deste (3 wickets) and RNut (a wicket on his debut) slowed their progress. The male half of the Bingles (Tim and Matt) bowled well in tandem until Yolland and Sonnex LLP slowed the run rate to a trickle and mopped up the cheap wickets on offer, further improving their bowling averages. Happiness all round.

Another victory for the rampant Javerners, by 116 runs. As for Salix, it is to be hoped that the remainder of the season offers some solace before the bleak months are upon us. In that spirit, we end with some words of comfort from the great Joan Armatrading:


I said I’m strong, straight, willing

To be a shelter in a storm

Your willow, a willow

When the sun is out.



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