Virtual cricket in a surreal world

As Covid 19 hits cricket continues

Virtual cricket in a surreal world
Virtual cricket in a surreal world

Sunday 26 April 2020 was a gloriously sunny day fit for the first game of the 2020 season. Two years ago we played Odney on one of the coldest cricketing days on record. It reminded me of that great book I read a few years ago entitled ‘When Penguins Stopped Play’, it was about a village cricket team wanting to play on every continent and they finally played in Antarctica. Odney once again is the venue for our first game in lockdown.

I have taken Lewis Payne’s fantasy eleven as my team today so I might just get another five for. Our captain for the day was Mr Chris Morton who won the toss and decided to bat. Andy Parsons and the skipper opened with a quick fire 55 run partnership. Morton out pulling one to square leg and Parsons soon followed by chipping one to mid on. Some things never change. Peter Goldsmith in at three and Charlie Yolland in at four took the total on to 150 after 20 overs. Goldie was run out and Charlie missed a straight one. The rest of the batsmen all made contributions Murphy 35, Sonnex 12, Ashley 24 all added to the total as the JAVs made 260 in 40 overs. Probably par for the course on the artificial track that had a bit of bounce.

Odney then batted with Ashley and Lewis slinging them down. A great catch in the slips from the long arms of Goldsmith got us an early wicket. Murphy on first change moving it one way then the other. When we got smacked to the boundary he pointed to where the fielder should have been and had a go at Morton. Things just don’t change, even in a lockdown. Charlie got them confused with his left arm Malinga type action and Steveo polished them off with a mixture of guile and cunning. Cricket continues if it is only in my head.

Odney all out for 170.



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