Stay alert...your country needs lerts

Third match in lockdown

Stay alert...your country needs lerts
Stay alert...your country needs lerts

We have not beaten the Fleet Street Strollers for many years. This could be our best opportunity. A big call by the skipper to bat first and an even bigger call by Jon Finch to want to open the batting. I believe he used the words of Freddie Mercury " I want it, and I want it bad". Striding out with his bat ready to taser any fielder not sufficiently socially distancing, Jon took his guard. The first ball saw a huge swipe that took him off his feet, pulling his hamstring whilst losing his middle stump. A platinium duck or just a golden? Jon limped off, our third best keeper in today's line up to be replaced by our twelth man Martyn bucket hands Way. Vice captain Luke our fourth best keeper in the line up was up next to join Joe Baker our fifth best keeper in the team. A very strong partnership ensued. Joe out for 55 and Luke for 76. Skipper Charlie, gunarm Will Barton and Bubs all added to a grand total of 230 off 40 overs. Would it be enough?

We seemed to have a team full of fielders/keepers. Could the bowlers Cameron, the second best keeper in the line up, Lewis, sling it down off two strides Payne, Robin, our best keeper in the team Yolland fresh out of self isolation, and Joe Baker do the honours? Of course they could, it was never ever in doubt with fielders like Hungino the elder with hands like a grizzly bear and super sub Martyn Way. Eight catches and none to the keeper saw the strollers strolling back to Fleet Street having been bowled out for 99.

Another great victory. Unbeaten so far. Keep safe everyone.


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