Electrifying win

In so many ways...

Electrifying win
Electrifying win

An electrifying performance by the JAVs sees them maintain their unbeaten record in 2020. In the shadow of the neoclassical palladian mansion of West Wycombe park the JAVs put on a challenging first innings score of 200 runs. An excellent total was built on a very slow outfield where the runs were shared around. We saw some some fine contributions from Chris Morton 28, Simon Hungin 40, Charlie Yolland 43, Martyn Way 41 not out and Will Barton 36 not out. A challenging total that gave our bolwers a chance.

Oli Myers, Jamie Hungin and Steve Leybourne all with three wickets each and with some fine fielding restricted West Wycombe to 121 all out. A sterling six wicket win maintained the JAVs unbeaten record. The cricket ground is surrounded by an electric fence to keep out the local horses or cricketers dependent upon which side of the fence you are on. It has now become a bi-annual tradition for one of the JAVs to be electrocuted whilst retrieving a ball. Oli Myers now joins the elite list of our elecric warriors that includes Gavin Lyons, Toby Odell, Jamie Hungin, Matt Bingle, Christian Deste & Bubba Edridge. In the words of John Travolta in the movie Grease:

I got chills they're multiplying

And I'm losing control

'Cause the power you're supplying
It's electrifying (it's electrifying)...


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